Barclays Bank - Change Management

  • 1996-1999 Change Management role to plan and implement merging of several portfolios of corporate clients within Gloucestershire
  • Design and implement a plan to incorporate building a management and support team, communicate with employees and customers to ensure no business was lost during transition to a new Gloucester based facility.
  • No business was lost  and in excess of 100 new business cust omers were gained by  mid 1999. An increase of 15%.
Barclays Bank - Turnaround challenges
  • Harlow, Bishops Stortford, East Midlands Regional Office and Cheltenham Branch
  • Between 1975 and 1992 these branches had problems ranging from processing, operations, recessions and loans in default.
  • Changing behaviours, training and knowledge of employees
  • Installing improved people management cultures and policies including encouraging ambition
  • Emphasising doing the same things over and over again and expecting better results does not work
  • Motivating people to win
  • Efficiency and effectiveness improved as people understood they were valued
  • Despite some resistence long standing managers and customers realised they had to do things better and gain knowledge to obtain improvements
  • Costs and bad debts reduced and profits increased
The Swiss Laundry Group - Non- Executive Director
  • Ongoing strategic involvement in people and operations to enable business growth through acquisition of Camplings in 2004
  • Strategic involvement including analysis, options and choice following the purchase and equiping of a new processing facility in Gt Yarmouth 2015-16
  • Strategic involvement in decision making relating to the Cambridge laundry facility
  • Medium-term business planning and implementation thereof, on an evolving basis
  • Pest and SWOT analysis for Georgraphical segments within East Anglia
  • Monitoring of compliance and trading performance
  • Purchase in 2004 went smoothly and the acquired company has proved to be a significant contributor to increased group performance
  • New Gt Yarmouth facility is performing well and provided many best practices in the event of replication opportunities
  • Changes in people management culture and policies have led to "upskilling" opportunities
Logistics Business
Challenge development of the management team to better reflect their expanding business
Action motivation, skill development through training, target setting and performance measurement including external appraisals
Outcome the team is more cohesive and coherent with one senior manager now appointed as managing director with responsibility for personnel issues
Essential Marketing Limited
Challenge appointment of the first sales and marketing executive where human resources skills were lacking internally
Action a thorough induction was undertaken, strategy and goals set, and regular contact maintained for the ongoing management and motivation of the new team member
Outcome a smooth induction has helped Ryan settle in and created an environment suited to successfully growing our business